About the Foundation

The Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation is the official foundation dedicated to preserving and promoting the legacy of America’s 30th president. The Foundation was formed in 1960 by a group of Coolidge enthusiasts, including John Coolidge, the president’s son. It maintains its offices at the president’s birthplace in Plymouth Notch, Vermont. The Foundation seeks to greatly increase Americans’ understanding of President Coolidge and the values he promoted.

The thirtieth president of the United States served 67 months, from August 1923 to early March 1929. Coolidge’s achievements include balancing the federal budget, cutting the size of the federal government, and reducing the top tax rate to a historic low of 25%. Coolidge also stewarded the Kellogg-Briand Pact through Congress. Yet in modern texts, Coolidge sometimes gets short shrift.This Foundation aims to change that. The Foundation’s first goal is to acquaint Americans with Coolidge by bringing them to the Calvin Coolidge State historic site in Plymouth Notch. In partnership with the state of Vermont, which runs the grounds on the historic site and hosts world-class museum exhibits, we have created a wonderful destination. The Foundation also operates a major debate program that brings hundreds of high schoolers to Plymouth Notch each summer to learn about Coolidge and debate topics related to presidential decision making.

We invite you to get involved with the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation. Please sign-up for our weekly emails, donate to support our work, visit the historic site at Plymouth Notch, register to judge debate, or explore our resources page to learn more about America’s thirtieth president and the values he championed!