Coolidge Footage

The Coolidge Foundation gratefully acknowledges the University of South Carolina’s Moving Image Research Collections for this generous contribution to the digital library.

Coolidge’s Christmas: Vice President Coolidge, his wife Grace, and their young sons hoist an American flag. Filmed in the winter of 1921.

Coolidges at the White House: The Coolidge family poses for photos at the White House. Filmed in September, 1923.

President Coolidge’s Father Observes 80th Birthday: Col. John Coolidge greets guests in front of the Plymouth homestead, chops wood, and displays a family photo album. Filmed in the spring of 1925.

The Coolidges at the Old Homestead: Crowds gather at the homestead to catch a glimpse of the President. Calvin Coolidge, his wife Grace, and his father Col. John Coolidge walk to Union Church. Filmed in August, 1925.

The Coolidges Visit the Old Homestead: Col. John Coolidge picks flowers in bloom, crowds gather as an automobile arrives, the Coolidges pose for photos, and the President’s aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. John J. Wilder, sit on their front porch. President Coolidge reads the newspaper. There are landscape shots of his beloved boyhood home. Filmed in August 1925.

President Coolidge Signs Revenue Act of 1926: Coolidge signs the Revenue Act of 1926 in the White House, and men pose for photos outside the building. Filmed in February, 1926.

White House Easter Egg Hunt: Crowds gather in front of the White House, even climbing trees. Excited children display their findings. Grace Coolidge carries out one of the white collies, later the President and his son John make an appearance. Filmed in April, 1926.

Mrs. Grace Coolidge Visits Marine Camp: The First Lady inspects the Marine Corps camp in the Adirondacks. Filmed in July, 1926.

Memorial Day Address at Arlington Cemetery: Crowds gather in Arlington Cemetery to watch President Coolidge deliver an address on Memorial Day. Coolidge lays a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, followed by Mrs. Coolidge, who lays a flower. Filmed in May, 1927.

President Coolidge Visits Mount Rushmore Site: Coolidge winds a camera. Men work on the monument. President Coolidge arrives on horseback to deliver his address and receives assistance putting on spurs. He delivers his speech from notes, and then rides through the woods with his entourage. Filmed in August, 1927.

Armistice Day Observed: President Coolidge lays a wreath and Mrs. Coolidge lays a white rose on the Tomb of the Unknown Solider, followed by Armistice Day ceremony. Filmed in November, 1927.

Coolidges Vote in Northampton: President and Mrs. Coolidge arrive in Northampton to vote. Filmed in November, 1928.

Armistice (Veterans Day) Ceremonies: Sound on! The Coolidges arrive to place a wreath and rose on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. A man prays and the group sings “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee.” An army bugler plays Taps. Filmed in November, 1928.

Coolidges Say Goodbye to Washington, D.C.: Former President Coolidge and his wife Grace wave goodbye to the nation’s capital from a train. Filmed in March, 1929.

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