Calvin Coolidge Says, March 14, 1931

January 18, 2021

Date: March 14, 1931 Location: Northampton, MA Summary: Coolidge writes that due to economic interests the United States should rejoice over the Canadian independence from the United Kingdom. (Original document available here) One development after another emphasizes the growing self-sufficiency of Canada. At the opening of Parliament, when the Acting Chief Justice, Lyman P. Duff, […]

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Calvin Coolidge Says, July 30, 1930

January 7, 2021

Date: July 30, 1930 Location: Northampton, MA (Original document available here) In Canada the Liberal party has lost control of the government in the recent election, and the Conservative party will have a clear working majority in the incoming parliament. Two elements contributed to this result. The first was business depression, which usually works against the […]

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Calvin Coolidge Says, February 2, 1931

December 16, 2020

Date: February 2, 1931 Location: Northampton, MA Summary: Coolidge praises the friendly relationship between the U.S. and Canada. (Original document available here) The visit of Prime Minister Bennett of the Dominion of Canada to Washington emphasizes the friendly relations of two American nations. He reported to the press that he had no important business to transact […]

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Press Conference, February 28, 1928

September 22, 2020

Date: February 28, 1928 Location: Washington, DC (Original document available here) I understand that the Senate Committee is starting in to draft a flood control bill. I have talked with various members of the House and the Senate that are interested in this legislation with a view to seeing if I could not compose the […]

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Press Conference, July 26, 1927

August 21, 2020

Date: July 26, 1927 Location: Rapid City, SD I don’t know whether Secretary Wilbur is coming here. I am not exactly sure that he will come. I have expected him to, but undoubtedly he feels that it is necessary to stay in Washington at the present time on account of the Naval Limitation of Arms […]

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