Press Conference, February 28, 1928

September 22, 2020

Date: February 28, 1928 Location: Washington, DC (Original document available here) I understand that the Senate Committee is starting in to draft a flood control bill. I have talked with various members of the House and the Senate that are interested in this legislation with a view to seeing if I could not compose the […]

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Press Conference, July 26, 1927

August 21, 2020

Date: July 26, 1927 Location: Rapid City, SD I don’t know whether Secretary Wilbur is coming here. I am not exactly sure that he will come. I have expected him to, but undoubtedly he feels that it is necessary to stay in Washington at the present time on account of the Naval Limitation of Arms […]

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Press Conference, August 20, 1926

July 14, 2020

Date: August 20, 1926 Location: White Pine Camp – Paul Smiths, New York (Original document available here) As you have just had an opportunity to talk with Senator Wadsworth, I don’t thinkthere is much that I can tell you that you haven’t already secured from him. The main report he gave me was that his […]

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Press Conference, April 7, 1925

June 2, 2020

Date: April 7, 1925 Location: Washington, D.C. (Original document available here) I didn’t have any ulterior motive in my remarks of a week ago in relation to loans to foreign governments. I don’t think any inferences ought to be drawn from it. I thought they were clear enough and plain enough – simply a restatement […]

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