Calvin Coolidge Says, June 11, 1931

January 12, 2021

Date: June 11, 1931 Location: Northampton, MA Summary: Coolidge writes that historians should make an attempt at learning more about American history by accessing archives in Europe through the use of new technology. (Original document available here) Practically everything in the way of original records of the discovery, exploration and settlement of our country is in […]

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Calvin Coolidge Says, January 21, 1931

January 7, 2021

Date: January 21, 1931 Location: Northampton, MA (Original document available here) The situation between France and Italy again illustrates how extremely difficult it is for nations to get away from the age-old policy of trying to rely mostly on force for Security. Those nations were unable to agree on naval armaments at the London conference. They […]

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Press Conference, October 9, 1928

August 31, 2020

Date: October 9, 1928 Location: Washington, D.C. (Original document available here) So far as I know, Ambassador Houghton has not indicated that he would or would not tender his resignation, because he is a candidate for Senate in the State of New York. I haven’t seen what President Machado of Cuba may have said relative […]

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Press Conference, November 22, 1927

August 24, 2020

Date: November 22, 1927  Location: Washington, D.C. (Original document available here) Ladies and Gentlemen: I doubt very much if it would be possible to secure the passage of a bill similar to that which was proposed by President Harding for a direct subsidy to shipping. I think there are some indirect things that it may […]

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