Press Conference, March 27, 1928

October 23, 2020

Date: March 27, 1928 Location: Washington, DC (Original document available here) I haven’t in mind at present making any further representations to Congress on the subject of the Navy bill. I don’t see that anything is likely to arise in relation to that which would call for any further expression of opinion to the Congress. […]

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Press Conference, February 15, 1929

August 31, 2020

Date: February 15, 1929 Location: Washington, D.C. (Original document available here) Within two or three weeks I conferred with some of the Senators relative to railroad consolidation legislation. They thought at that time it might be possible to secure the passage of a bill at this session. I do not think that later developments have […]

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Press Conference, December 2, 1927

August 28, 2020

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 1928 Location: Washington, D.C. (Original document available here) I expect that some program for farther cruiser construction will be presented to the incoming Congress. We have only provided for the construction of 8 cruisers since I have been President and a good many of our cruisers I think are of old […]

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