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Speeches – Browse Calvin Coolidge’s notable speeches, from his first speech given at his high school’s commencement ceremony to his numerous addresses as President. Search our selection or volunteer as a Coolidge Scribe today!

Press Conferences – During his six years in the White House Calvin Coolidge gave more in-person press conferences than any American president, before or since. The Coolidge Foundation is working to digitize all of them. Search our collection or volunteer as a Coolidge Scribe today!

Veto Messages  – During his presidency, Coolidge rejected 50 bills, most of which were pocket vetoes. However, he returned 20 regular vetoes to Congress, which included messages that you can view here.

Proclamations – Browse our collection of Coolidge’s presidential proclamations, covering things such as the death of President Harding, calls for holiday celebration, executive directives, and more.

Calvin Coolidge Says – A few years after retiring from the presidency, Calvin Coolidge wrote a syndicated newspaper column between June 30, 1930 and June 29, 1931. These commentaries are a rare example of a former president weighing in on current events after leaving the White House.

Publications – View the Coolidge Foundation’s publications including the Coolidge Quarterly, the Real Calvin Coolidge, and the Coolidge Blog.

Quotations – Notable quotes by Calvin Coolidge. Organized by topic.

Primary Sources– Primary sources relating to Coolidge, his life, and his administration. View a wide selection of speeches, letters, legislation, and writings. Coming soon!

Essays, Papers, & Addresses – Read essays, papers, and addresses of research and commentary on Calvin Coolidge and his world.

Coolidge Footage – Watch original footage of the Coolidges, including scenes of the first family at the White House, Col. John Coolidge at the homestead in Plymouth Notch, Mrs. Coolidge visiting a Marine Corps camp, and President Coolidge arriving at Mt. Rushmore on horseback.

Videos – View our selection of informational videos on Calvin Coolidge, including the Coolidge Foundation’s webinar series and full reading of the Coolidge Autobiography.

The Coolidge Connection – Listen to original interviews with people connected to Calvin Coolidge, his wife Grace, or their family.

About Calvin Coolidge – Learn about Calvin Coolidge, 30th President of the United States.

About Grace Coolidge – Learn about Grace Coolidge, Calvin Coolidge’s wife.

Artifacts – Browse pictures and descriptions of artifacts relating to Coolidge’s life and political career.

Bibliography – View bibliographies related to Calvin Coolidge and Warren Harding.

Coolidge Library Supporters – This page is designed to thank and honor our Scribes, library donors, and partner institutions.