Come Judge High School Debate!

June 5, 2014

IMG_0534The Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation invites you to participate as a judge for our High School Debate Program. The Debate Program is a major part of our effort to bring Calvin Coolidge’s heritage and values to a new generation of Americans.

Our partner again this year is the Debate Institutes at Dartmouth. The Institutes are led by Nicole Serrano, a nationally-respected debate leader.

We will also have home school students from throughout New England at our August 1 Debate.

The next debate day will be August 1 here at Plymouth Notch. In the morning the students will be given a tour the Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site, led by Amity Shlaes, our Chairman and CEO. The tour will highlights aspects of the Historic Site that relate to the day’s debate topic.

Following this, the students will participate in an economics seminar led by Roberto Salinas-Leon of the Mexico Business Forum, Dr. William Beach, Chief Economist for the Republican Staff on the U.S. Senate Committee on the Budget, Chairman and CEO Amity Shlaes, and Executive Director Matthew Denhart. The seminar will teach students economic reasoning that relates to the day’s debate topic.

In the afternoon the students will participate in debate competitions that will be judged by generous volunteers like you, followed by a barbecue dinner and awards ceremony at 5:15PM.

This year’s debate topic is secret, but we will send judge materials in advance. As always, we will have our judge trainers on hand.

The Coolidge Foundation is proud to welcome these young Americans and encourage them to learn more about American history and economics, and particularly about our thirtieth president, Calvin Coolidge.

Please R.S.V.P by no later than Thursday, July 31 to or 802.672.3389 ext. 113.

Amateur judges are encouraged to participate!

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  1. Bill Cherico

    I have been a docent at the Coolidge Foundation for several years and have been a judge in regional high school debates sponsored at Hanover High School in NH, adjacent to Dartmouth. I am also a resident of Plymouth and member of the its Town Planning Board. I would be interested in volunteering as a judge for this event.


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