Relevant Coolidge Speeches on Rights

Occasion: Commencement at Howard University
Significance: Commencement address at Howard University
Location: Howard University
Date: June 6, 1924

Title: Andrew Carnegie: Organizer for Service
Significance: Discusses individual rights
Occasion: Address at the Founders’ Day Celebration of Carnegie Institute
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Date: April 28, 1921

Occasion: First Annual Message to the Congress as President
Significance: Condemns lynching and offers support to African Americans
Location: Washington, D.C.
Date: December 6, 1923

Occasion: Dedication of the Jewish Community Center
Significance: Address to Jewish community
Date: May 3, 1925

Occasion: Address Delivered to the Holy Name Society
Significance: Address to Catholic community
Location: Washington, DC
Date: September 21, 1924