Address Before the American Association of Advertising Agencies

September 18, 2020

Title: Address Before the American Association of Advertising Agencies Date: October 27, 1926 Location: Washington, D.C. Context: Coolidge speaks of the high quality of American life and how it is dependent on its business, commerce and trade Members of the Association: Sometimes it seems as though our generation fails to give the proper estimate and […]

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Press Conference, August 2 1927

August 21, 2020

Date: August 2 1927 Location: Rapid City, SD There is no foundation for the reports that it is stated here have been published, if they have been published, so far as I know, that the Geneva Conference will suspend until Fall. My advices are that they will make every effort to reach some agreement and […]

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The Meaning of Democracy

July 17, 2020

Title: The Meaning of Democracy Date: August 2, 1922 Location: Wellesley, MA Context: Coolidge ponders the meaning, impact and purpose of democracy It is the common experience of mankind, at first thought, to find their lot disappointing. America has just gone through such an experience in an exaggerated form. Almost in a day nearly the […]

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